A Few Ideas Regarding Presenting Gifts To A Golfer

Golf is so popular that it seems that everyone today is getting involved in this sport. Chances are indeed high that you will know of a friend or even an acquaintance that is a keen golfer and if so why not consider the option of giving them some unique golf gifts that can be given on a special day in their lives or even on an important occasion. What’s more, you might also want to add an item of fitness equipment or perhaps even choose to gift laptop computer bags.

There are a number of aspects involved in picking suitable gifts for your golfing friends and there are also many options open to you. In fact, you will find many different items that you can pick according to your budget and also according to how well the gift addresses the recipient’s golfing needs.

One option that is worth exploring is to consider buying a nice t-shirt that can have your friend’s name emblazoned on it. Or, why not choose to purchase golf balls and customize them with the name of your friend. If you do this you can make the gift more unique and it will also hold a lot of value for the recipient as well.

Some people even like to add unique logos and pictures on the Golf Ball which can then make for an excellent gift. The more creative you are the more unique you can make the gift and this will also help to add a special touch that will be much appreciated by the recipient.

You might also want to think about choosing a more luxurious gift item. In fact, instead of picking something very common such as a DVD on golf or even a nice golf tie you should expand your search to look for items such as a preferred golf club membership or even a nice golf jacket. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when you gift them an expensive Tiffany Putter!

Some other great gifts that you can consider giving include a ticket to a golfing tournament; or, why not consider gifting a trophy which can indicate how accomplished the recipient is in so far as their golfing abilities go. Such a gift is unique and will be highly appreciated by everyone.

Why not also consider presenting a golf club or two that has been customized to help the golfer play Better Golf. Even better, you can choose items of golfing attire that too will make excellent gifts. The best place to find these and other gifts are at online stores where the choices are numerous and the prices very competitive.

How To Putt A Golf Ball – Surely It Not This Easy For Beginners

Picture the scene – You have managed to get onto the par 4 green in 2 and now have a chance for a Birdie. You coolly walk onto the green and mark your ball and repair that pitch mark with pride. Then you consider your next shot and you realize you have no idea how to get that ball into the hole in one shot. You do not know how to putt a Golf Ball.

They don’t teach you putting in a driving range. The putting practice areas are never the same surface as the greens on the course. So you are faced with this great opportunity to win a hole in Your Golf match and yet you do not have a https://golfgearcomps.com/best-spikeless-golf-shoes/ strategy for giving it your best shot. Now I am not guaranteeing that these tips will make you the next Padraig Harrington but for beginners they will help you learn how to putt a golf ball.

Putting Tip 1. Aim straight at the hole

For 95% of your shots you should be aiming straight at the hole. As a beginner you will not have all the skills and experience to read the greens so why all the pretense. I outrage my playing partners on the Golf Course by simply looking at my putting shot from a standing position and getting a general view of it. I am more likely to be thinking about the pace of the ball and whether it is downhill or uphill rather than any sideways slopes. If it is blindingly obvious that you are putting across a sideways slope then make an adjustment – this is for the 5% of shots. But for most of them go straight for the hole.

Putting Tip 2. – Imagine the hole is a meter wide.

To get the pace right you should be trying to get your first putt to within a meter of the hole. By imagining such a large area as your target you will reduce your 3 putts and make a lot of them 2 putts. Most golfers would reckon they could get the ball into a 2 meter wide hole. So do that.

Putting Tip 3. – See the ball into the hole

Before I strike the ball I imagine its route of travel across the putting surface into the hole. I consider the pace that I will need to strike the golf ball in particular.

Putting Tip 4. – Hold your breath

So you know where you are aiming and you know how hard you are going to hit the golf ball. When you are about to hit the golf ball, hold your breath – or at least do not breathe deeply. I address the ball and do 2 practice shots. Then I line up my real shot aiming for the hole and assess how I can get it into a 2 meters wide hole. Then I take a conscious breath in and out, wait 2 or 3 seconds and strike the ball. My focus is completely on striking the ball cleanly and at the correct pace. Because I am not breathing (so to speak) or moving in any other way my bodies focus is on the putt completely.

Count up your putting strikes next round and then practice these tips. See if you can reduce your putts by 9 in the next 3 months